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Let's Build the Future

Look around. We have robots in our homes, artificial intelligence in our pockets, and miniature factories in our living rooms. Also, cars drive themselves. It's the future! And it was built by people like you!

Here at Blue Fission, we recognize that the future will keep coming at us and aren't happy just sitting and waiting. You aren't either, so let's create it together!

We specialize in tech startups without tech founders.

We make it easy for non-technical founders to get started on their world changing idea immediately with roadmaps and confidence in the technological landscape.

Blue Fission will be there until you get tech talent in place, and are ready to deliver everything in a tidy package for your team.

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Your Needs

Our Capabilities

Strategic Consultation

Navigating the everchanging technological landscape is hard. We've got the atlas.

Systems Configuration

We initially set up your repositories, continuous integration, and deployment orchestration.

Team Education and Training

Blue Fission relies on Eidolon Efficacy Training for our processes and will train your team for maximum effectiveness.

Application Development

Let us develop your web and mobile MVP or manage prototyping your Iot devices.

Petrics provides an IoT device ecosystem that monitors and feeds your pets based on vetrinarian backed personalized nutrition profiles. Blue Fission provides them application development and testing and cloud service management.


App & IoT

SEO RETS is a site generation and leads acquisition tool for agents and brokers that provides SEO optimized RETS listing data and searching services. Blue Fission provides them business planning, project management software development, and server orchestration.


Web / SaaS

Our Unique Edge

Our Process

1. Your Idea

We discuss your product or business and package it as a concept.

2. Strategy

We identity that tactics most applicable to your needs and formulate an initial plan.

3. Research

We validate and adjust the plan based on extensive market, competitor, and industry research.

4. Infrastructure

Once your plan recieves due diligence, we construct the platforms it will require.

5. Innovation

Our key to success comes from emergent innovation through the Eidolon Efficacy system.

6. Progress

Our progress is measured against transparent milestones ensuring accountability and satisfaction.

Meet Our Team

Team Members

Devon (Δ-Blue)

the boss

Futurist and Technologist

Lauren (Λ-Scarlet)

the secretary

Organization Expert


artificial intellegence

Simulated Project Manager, Art Enthusiast

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Our Best Plans


Strategy & Research

Early Stage
  • Business Plan Draft
  • Milestone Recommendations
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  • Business Planning
  • Progress Assessment
  • Monthly Landscape Reports
  •  -- 

Prototype Development

Fund Raising
  • Business Validation
  • Guaranteed Monthly Milestones*
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Project Management Available

Our Partners

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