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Data Security

Basic Data Security for the Non-Geek

Today is National Data Privacy Day. My specialty is developing application systems for human wellness and business performance. As one can imagine, this involves monitoring and working with particularly sensitive data. Business activities and an individual’s health stats are considered … Read More

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The Thing about Many Hats

If you’re anything like me, your mornings generally begin as a sprint. Bookkeeping followed by a general assessment of business strategy. Several email and phone conversations to make sure any teams or projects you are involved with are in order. Document … Read More

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All out of Bubble Gum

Imagine that you’re a child with a new piece of gum. How do you go about blowing the biggest bubble you can? About a year ago I almost sank my primary business in an attempt to make it grow. I … Read More

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When Robots Take our Jobs

When Uber driverless cars and Amazon delivery drones are the norm, what will happen to all the drivers and package handlers that were replaced? This is usually the first line of thinking that many come up with when approached with … Read More

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Elite Innovations

Elite Innovations, LLC

“Come with an idea, leave with a product.” These are the words that greet you at the door upon entering Elite Innovations. Opening their second location in Downtown Wilmington’s Chandler’s Wharf, Elite Innovations, LLC is a Port City start-up which … Read More

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NEW at Iron Clad

Port City Start-ups Form Ironclad Community

It’s not just the drink selection that has business owners pouring into the recently opened Ironclad Brewery in downtown Wilmington, NC. The location also serves as a stage for a monthly presentation event in which a panel of informed and … Read More

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Ryan Simmons of Ward and Smith

Protecting Your Great Ideas: 5 Takeaways From an IP Attorney

Ryan K. Simmons of Ward & Smith P.A. is an intellectual property attorney with consulting experience with IBM. On Thursday, August 20th he brought his expertise to UNCW’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to explain exactly what IP law actually entails. In … Read More

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Are We Intelligent about Artificial Intelligence?

Let’s play a word association game. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say “Artificial Intelligence”? Maybe you thought of the words SkyNet, orThe Matrix, or perhaps the phrase human subjugation. That would be very likely … Read More

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